Custom building Tale of 3 decks and porches

Tale of 3 Greensboro Winston Salem decks and porches

As a custom design and build firm, we get to experience a magical transition with every job we work on. The magic happens when you employ a custom builder who takes pride in translating wants, goals, and dreams to function, beauty and delight. After 26 years of building custom outdoor spaces here in the Piedmont Triad, we’ve had many opportunities to watch homeowner wants and needs translated to the outdoor living space they’ve been dreaming of.

Updating, changing or adding on to your outdoor living space can be a complicated process. There are many options in outdoor living, making it essential to really consider how you’re going to use the space, past challenges you’ve had and specific goals you are trying to meet. Whether you are considering a paver patio, low-maintenance deck, pergola, covered patio or a screened-in porch, we take pride in our ability to help you make the best decision for your family, home and budget. We have chosen 3 recent projects to share with you that represent the magical process from project goals & dreams to a finished functional and beautiful space that exceeded the homeowners’ expectations.

Northwest Greensboro Wood Deck

We recently worked with a Greensboro client who had an old brick patio that needed to be replaced. The home is an older brick ranch and the age of the patio was really showing. Being three steps down from the home, the patio was not draining properly. Also, with constant shade from the lovely mature trees in the yard, the water damage was really wreaking havoc on the once gorgeous brick patio. The homeowners called us to replace the old brick patio with a new paver patio, but we proposed a different solution.

There was a free standing wood deck with a hot tub on it, unattached in the yard. We recommended one large pressure-treated wood deck. First things first, we put a drain in the existing patio, so we could build the new deck right over it and the water would drain properly away from the home. The design was for a single level, large wood deck that would house the hot tub as well as replacing the outdoor living space that had become unusable in recent years.

For easier access and better aesthetics we created a beautiful multi-function outdoor living space on the same level as the home, The final result is a gorgeous pressure-treated wood deck with matching wood posts and railings built around the existing trees. We added a pergola for additional shade and a modern privacy wall for the spa area. With a parting board running down the middle we were able to create a gorgeous chevron look by running the deck boards in a mirroring diagonal pattern. We even built in a bench for additional seating under the pergola.

This Greensboro deck exceeded the family’s expectations as they were able to meet two outdoor living needs with one project. Our goal is to come up with luxurious outdoor living spaces you may not think of that include solutions you didn’t know were possible. When working with the best Greensboro deck builder, you’ll get more than just great craftsmanship, you get a full service design and build firm.

Northwest Greensboro Custom Screened Porch

When designing outdoor living spaces for our Greensboro clients, the custom design depends heavily on the home’s yard size, topography and foliage. We recently worked for a family that was struggling to spend time outside as their existing wood deck was not usable because of the large number of mosquitoes living on their wooded lot. The family was asking for a screened-in porch, but we were able to give them so much more.

We designed a screened-in porch with Eze-Breeze® windows, a shed roof and a new pressure treated wood deck for grilling and outdoor entertaining. The combination of a screened-in porch and deck makes for a stunning large and versatile outdoor living space that can be used most the year.

The translation to a shed roof was part of the magic we’re speaking of. Most porch clients want a gable roof but often a shed roof is required because of second story obstructions such as windows. But, often we propose things like a high shed roof, open shed ends or skylights to bring the bright airiness to the room that they are looking for.

The addition of Eze-Breeze windows to this Greensboro screened-in porch means the family can close the windows completely if the weather is rainy or too cold. With the mild winters in Greensboro, they can use a small space heater and make the room warm enough to use. With gorgeous wood flooring and wood ply-bead ceiling, this bright and airy screened-in porch is warm and inviting. We were even able to install two lighted ceiling fans for increased air flow and four surround sound speakers for the ultimate in entertaining. With no detail left untouched, we made sure to install a ceiling fan with a protected light fixture to prepare for potential game room flying projectiles.

The deck features white vinyl posts, railings and lattice skirting to create a perfect contrast and high style, while matching the white posts of the screened-in porch. With gorgeous square post caps, this deck looks fresh and new. Creating continuity in design is important for creating a polished modern look. We built two free standing benches that fit right into the corners of the deck for maximum seating. Now the grill master can have more company as he works her magic.

Being a Greensboro porch builder, we face many challenging yards. When this happens we really take the time to make sure we provide our clients with the best solution for their outdoor living needs. Living on a wooded lot is a dream with privacy and a gorgeous view. The trade off is living with a few extra mosquitoes. While this family knew they wanted a screened-in porch, they may have not fully thought about the benefit of the open deck for grilling and entertaining. We take great pride in being able to offer practical solutions for every outdoor living challenge, exceeding our client’s expectations.

Gorgeous Pergola Addition in Brookberry Farms, Winston Salem

When it comes to adding structures to your outdoor living area for extra living space, shade or function, the process can be more complex than starting from scratch. With an existing structure to compliment, the choices in materials, colors, design style, shape and size have to be well planned. We recently built a pergola addition for a family in Brookberry Farms in North Winston Salem. This project required specific considerations when designing the custom pergola, which means hiring a great design and build firm was essential in getting the results they were after.

The home featured a lovely two level outdoor living area; a covered porch on the upper level that opened up to a gorgeous half circle open paver patio. The homeowners were spending a ton of time on their covered porch but found that the patio was too hot with no shade. They called us along with several other Winston Salem deck builders to have a design created and quoted.

The Winston Salem pergola we built is the perfect compliment to their existing covered porch. We used square pegs and arched bracing to create the same detail as on their porch posts. With a custom curved shape for the pergola top, we created an interesting shade accessory that plays off the half circle shape of the paver patio below it. The result is a stunning outdoor living space that appears to have all been built at the same time as the existing project. Our design and build team made sure the post placements for the pergola allowed for as big of a living area as possible, while still making the columns so gorgeous they are not just structural but part of the beauty and intrigue themselves. Down to the last detail we made our additions fit right in. Notice the beams of the pergola roof. They stretch out from the covered porch with the exact same spacing as the current beams.

This family wanted to accentuate their existing patio and provide some shade. As a Winston Salem deck builder we made sure to really listen to how they wanted to use the space. We came up with a design that covered almost all of their open patio while complimenting the design features of their covered porch. We can create spaces that exceed your expectations as they turn out better than you even hoped for. That’s the difference you can expect when you hire a custom builder for your outdoor living project.

Winston Salem Outdoor Living Designer

We strive to be the area’s premier top quality reputable custom deck builder, pergola builder and screened-in porch builder. Our top quality craftsmanship exceeds the building codes set by state and local municipalities and our builders are the best of the best. But we know that without a thoughtful early design phase, the quality of the work is irrelevant. If we build a deck when what you really need is a screened-in porch, you won’t use the space. Our experienced designers will listen to your every need, concern and challenge so that we can offer you an outdoor living solution that will allow you to do the most and best outdoor living for your family. We are lucky to call Greensboro, Winston Salem and High Point home, a place where outdoor living is possible for most of the year. Our goal is to make sure all of our customers are able to take full advantage of our temperate climate and keep coming back for future projects. At Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad, we have been blessed with being selected 2, 3 or even 4 times by individual homeowners that continue to add to their outdoor space.

If you’re looking for help with your outdoor living needs, we can help. Call us today for a free consultation at (336) 664-1332 or email us at [email protected] We look forward to discussing the best outdoor living space for how you want to live outdoors.

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