Huge 3-season sunroom with Eze-Breeze windows in Advance NC

Take a look at the way the back of this Advance NC home was completely transformed with the addition of a huge Eze-Breeze 3-season sunroom. Eze-Breeze is a 4-track window system that allows you to to completely enclose your porch with ultra clear vinyl windows. Because the windows are on a track, you can open the windows up to 75% when you want to let us much fresh air into your porch as possible. In addition to the colder times of year, there are additional times that you’ll want to be able to close the windows on your porch. You know that pollen season that blankets your car and outdoor furniture with a layer of yellow dust? For those of us with allergies, that dust is much worse on our bodies than it is on our eyes. During pollen season, simply keep the windows closed to keep the pollen out of your porch. Turn on the fan on your porch to blow some of the air from inside your house onto your porch while the windows are closed.

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