Why a low-maintenance deck might be the right choice for you (and will still look great in 10 to 20 years)

Do you have an existing wooden deck that is reaching the end of its useful life? Is your deck a “shoes mandatory area” because of splinters? Are your deck boards warped or starting to rot? Does the prospect of washing and staining your deck again this year make you break out in hives? If so, it might be time you considered a switch to low-maintenance, wood alternative materials for your backyard retreat. There are a number of factors to consider when evaluating the cost/benefit of upgrading from wood to low-maintenance decking materials and whether the return on investment is right for you.

Elevated AZEK Deck with White Columns in Asheboro

Elevated AZEK Deck with White Columns in Asheboro

Don’t get me wrong … here at Archadeck, we LOVE wood – used in the right place and for the right reasons (whether the reason is how the wood is used, its aesthetic appeal, or your budgetary concerns). We love wood because it is a beautiful, natural product, and we gladly build scores of projects each year with good old-fashioned pressure-treated wood. Because it is natural, however, wood deck boards will eventually (and “eventually” is sometimes within months) crack, cup, splinter, split, peel, flake, or rot. Wood alternatives (frequently referred to as “composites”) simply don’t. And to back it up, their manufacturers commonly warrant against this wear and tear for anywhere from 25 to 30 years – longer than most people plan to stay in their homes. If you are looking for long-term product performance, composites are your ticket.

There is also a strong financial case for choosing composite decking materials. You will pay more up front for this option, but wood decks require cleaning, re-staining, and sealing every one to two years, depending upon a number of factors, including the amount of sun your deck receives and how frequently it endures freeze-thaw cycles. These services vary from vendor to vendor and can easily cost $1,000 or more each visit. On the other hand, composite materials require no more than a good scrubbing to maintain their appeal.

AZEK Pool Deck in Kernersville Creates Summer Fun in the Sun

AZEK Pool Deck in Kernersville Creates Summer Fun in the Sun

Hiring out routine deck maintenance is costly; doing it yourself is courting disaster. If you choose to do the maintenance yourself, you will have to wrestle with ladders, paintbrushes, stain bins, chemical purchases, and more. Most folks who pursue this option end up tired, dirty, and grumpy when they are finished – to say nothing of frustrated that the finished product doesn’t meet their expectations. Once you’ve commissioned the deck of your dreams and created your backyard oasis, do you really want days or weeks of work each year hanging over your head?

And then there is the aesthetic argument for composites over wood. What is your deck going to look like in 10 or 20 years? Wood decks will change color over the years. Because of exposure to the elements, they will inevitably gray and fade over time. In contrast, a low-maintenance deck will retain its good looks 10, 20 or more years after you originally purchased it. AZEK or TimberTech, a recommended composite decking manufacturer, offers an entire palette of colors in natural wood shades. Whichever shade you choose, your deck will still be that color 10 or 20+ years after installation. Choose a dark gray to contrast beautifully with your light-colored home – it will retain that contrast years later. Choose a light gray to complement your light brick façade, and it will still be that light gray many years down the line. If you demand consistency over time, composite materials are your answer.

AZEK Deck in Oak Ridge Provides Luxurious Outdoor Living

AZEK Deck in Oak Ridge Provides Luxurious Outdoor Living

When making decisions about materials for your new outdoor space, take the long view. Think about what this significant investment in your home will look like in 5 or 10 years; not just what it will look like this season. Will you want to perform routine maintenance (or pay for it!)? At what point does regular maintenance cost more than an upgrade to low-maintenance materials?

If you are thinking about adding a new wood or low-maintenance deck to your backyard, give us a call for a free consultation at 336-664-1332, drop us an email at [email protected] or visit our website to fill out a contact form. We look forward to providing a free design consultation and building the deck of your dreams.

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Select an Ideal Outdoor Room in Winston Salem built by Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad

Building Your Ideal Outdoor Room in Winston Salem

Adding on an outdoor room to your Winston Salem home can provide you years of enjoyment and add value to your property. There are many kinds of outdoor rooms to consider. When planning for this new feature to your home, it’s important to consider how you want to use this new space and to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each option. There are three basic types of outdoor rooms: screened porches, 3-season rooms, or sunrooms. Choosing the outdoor room that you and your family will love depends on your lifestyle and comfort expectations.

Screened Porches by Winston Salem Porch Builders

Screened porches are cost-effective and invite the outside in. If you really enjoy full ventilation and breeze, screened porches are a great choice. You can explore many options with your Winston Salem porch builder, who will design a porch that blends seamlessly with your existing home. The screens used in these rooms are made of high quality, durable aluminum frames and fiberglass screening that will stand up to abuse from pets or children (within reason!). Depending upon the materials used, screened porches generally require maintenance to ensure its long-term beauty However, other than providing shade and relief from bugs, screened porches do not provide protection from the elements and you are likely to use a screened porch in Winston-Salem comfortably for two seasons – Spring and Fall. While a screen porch feels fabulous when daytime temperatures are moderate, some folks find it too hot or muggy during the summer and too chilly in the winter to regularly use the space. A Winston Salem porch builder can provide you some additional information about comfort features.

Advance NC large 3-season Eze-Breeze porch

3-Season Rooms by Winston Salem 3-Season Room Builders

If you are looking for a space you can enjoy for longer periods of the year, but limit the cost of glass windows, your ideal solution may be a 3-season room. These rooms combine the best of screened porches and sunrooms, offering comfort and fun for all but the coldest months. Archadeck, a Winston Salem 3-season room builder, offers Eze-Breeze vinyl windows for customers seeking a multi-month living area. EZE-Breeze vinyl windows include an integrated screen system, so they can open wide for those warm, sunny days, and close when it starts to get cooler or rains. Enjoy the scenery either way! These versatile windows are enormously popular for their ability to let breeze in and keep bad weather out at a reasonable price.

Sunrooms by Winston Salem Sunroom Builders

A traditional sunroom is a fully enclosed room with glass windows, which provides the most protection from the outside environment. A sunroom lets in light and offers you a lovely view while you still enjoy the comforts of being inside. When considering a sunroom, consult with a Winston Salem sunroom builder about your vision. A properly constructed sunroom must meet several additional code requirements that screened porches and 3-season rooms do not, to say nothing of cost, and your builder will address those items with you during the consultation process. In addition to those code requirements, you will want to consider that while those wide glass windows offer a gorgeous vista, they also allow a lot of heat transfer (both in and out). Even Low-E glass will not completely block out the sun’s rays or the winter chill. If a sunroom is right for you, be aware that you may face increased energy costs to keep this new space cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Fabrics also fade when exposed to UV rays for extended periods.

Build Your New Outdoor Room This Year

Choosing the outdoor room that best fits your needs and dreams depends on many factors, including how you want to use this exciting new space and the comfort level you want to enjoy. You’ve now had a chance to hear about three different outdoor rooms: screened porches, 3-season rooms, and sunrooms. Screened porches represent the least expensive option, and allow for six to eight months of use. 3-season rooms offer greater flexibility of use over 10 to 11 months and greater protection from inclement weather at a reasonable price. Sunrooms offer year-long living with panoramic views, but will impact your energy bill. Whichever option you believe is best for you, make sure to talk to your Winston Salem 3-season room builder, Archadeck, today to learn more.

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Why Winter May Be The Best Time To Build A New Porch

Top 3 reasons that now is a great time to build

1) Ready in time to enjoy all of next year

Whether you’re adding a deck, screened porch, or other outdoor addition, it takes time to work through the design and construction phase of your project. You’ll also find that reputable builders have a waiting list to begin projects which will be longer in the spring. When the weather starts warming back up in the spring, you won’t want to wait a day to get back outside and start enjoying your yard. Watch your garden begin to bloom or watch the trees green up when your project is done in time to enjoy in the early spring.

2) Material suppliers may increase prices

Prices on many supplies inevitably go up around the beginning of a new year. If there are price increases on primary components of your project such as framing lumber or composite decking, the price of your project will increase. Beginning your project at the end of the year locks in that year’s materials pricing.

3) Disrupt your yard at the most opportune time

Adding a new outdoor living space will disrupt your yard. There will be heavy foot traffic. Some construction equipment might be required and materials will be in your backyard while your project is being built. The best time to disrupt your lawn and landscaping is the off-season time of year.

Now is a great time to begin discussion

Give us a call at (336) 664-1332 or drop us an email to discuss adding a new outdoor living space to your home.

From Worn out to Wonderful…Greensboro, NC Outdoor Living Space and Pool Renovation

Does your outdoor pool need a makeover? Need to replace that rotting, weather-beaten deck and fencing with something that will hold up to the weather and look fabulous for years to come? Would you like your existing pool and outdoor living space to be in perfect harmony and provide the perfect respite where you can relax and spend time with friends and family? Read on to find out how Archadeck of Greensboro, NC., took this weather-beaten outdoor space from worn out to wonderful.

These Greensboro homeowners decided it was time to create the outdoor living space they had been thinking about for some time. The pool needed replacing, so the time was right for a complete redo. They wanted a space that would work in harmony with the surrounding woods and gardens. A space where they could come home from work and recharge. They felt the old fence and deck created privacy but also cut them off from the outdoor environment and felt claustrophobic. The entire space seemed to have been built as an afterthought.

The existing timber retaining wall had started to deteriorate, thus becoming ineffective; and the seating area made the deck area feel small and confining. Replacing the retaining wall with new engineered stone and terracing it so that it blended more with the natural surroundings opened up the area and visually created more space. The width of the wall provided additional seating and became the perfect place for outdoor lighted latterns.

Replacing the existing railing and lattice was next on the list. The open rail was a safety hazard and looked piecemeal and unattractive. Contrasting white lattice that partially blocked the decking called for attention and begged to be replaced.

The result of new cedar planking, railing, and lattice that was installed at the bottom of the deck was beautiful and created much needed unity.

The entire deck structure was built to allow for a natural path that leads the viewer into the existing gardens and the water feature beside the pool area. And, the vertical railing that was installed provides an extra level of safety and complements the vertical fencing on the opposite side of the pool.

With no detail left undone, the offset fencing provided privacy without becoming too claustrophobic. And, the beautiful deck flooring was installed in an eyecatching pattern that helped to minimize the warping and wear that come with age.

With the outdoor living space and pool project completed, the results were amazing and even met with the approval of another nearby visitor from the woods.

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Greg McNeer, owner with your local Archadeck team

Top 6 reasons to choose Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad as your outdoor living builder

We know that choosing a company to add an outdoor living space to your home is a difficult decision. Many factors figure in selecting a partner for this significant investment. Wanting the highest quality of work is of utmost importance, but other elements should be considered in selecting a contractor. From our experiences building in this market since 1991, we’ve created a list of the top 6 customer considerations:

Top 4 reasons to choose Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad

1: Full service

Adding to your home can be a complex process. Designs and engineered drawings must be drafted, contractors and subcontractors must coordinate closely, permits must be pulled, and inspections must be completed. Missteps add cost and time to projects, so at Archadeck, we take care of everything from project design and build to final inspections and walkthrough.

2: Design and pre-build process

Your project design begins with an initial meeting between you and your Design Consultant, who will take careful notes of the proposed build site and how you hope to use the space. From our years of experience working with customers on a broad range of projects, we are able to provide valuable advice and input on what layouts and styles have been customer favorites and which materials have performed best over the years. The process continues with your approval of a project sketch, followed by the rendering of formal blueprints, and ensuring that your build team (Design Consultant, Project Manager, master carpenter, and others) is aware of your project’s requirements so that their actions can be coordinated through completion.

3: Professional Warranties

We provide the following protections for your valuable investment:
● One-year “Edge to Edge” warranty on materials and workmanship;
● Five-year structural guarantee;
● Job completion warranty. Archadeck, backed by the National Guarantee Corporation (NGC), guarantees that your project will be built as agreed. Not only has Archadeck of the Piedmont followed through on its promises on nearly 3,200 projects in the area, the NGC guarantee also means you NEVER have to worry about your project getting built as specified.

4: Communication

The build process for outdoor living projects can take weeks. We recognize that having construction crews at your home and in your yard can be disruptive and that you will have questions along the way. To ensure the project is proceeding smoothly, Archadeck provides you with a dedicated Project Manager you can call anytime. The central office is also available for questions about your project. If adjustments need to be made due to unforeseen circumstances, your entire Archadeck team will help you to navigate these changes.

5: Experience

Since opening our doors in 1991, we’ve built thousands of beautiful projects and weathered several economic downturns and recessions. All the while we’ve maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and similarly strong ratings on major review websites. We know this industry and our area, but most importantly, we enjoy enriching the lives of our customers with satisfying and successful home-expansion projects.

6: Repeat customers

One favorite benefit of working with the Greensboro, Winston Salem, and High Point communities is developing relationships with our customers. We have worked with some customers two, three, and even four times, often returning to add structures to their living spaces. If some project elements are not in the budget, we can make plans for adding those in the future. Some former customers who have moved call upon us again to build their favorite space at their new home, attesting to their positive experience working with Archadeck.

Give us a call to discuss your next outdoor project. Request a free consultation by calling (336) 664 – 1332, emailing us. or visiting our website

Greg McNeer, owner with your local Archadeck team

Part 3 – Finishing Touches to the Winston-Salem 3-Season Room and Deck

The EZE-Breeze windows have arrived, and it’s time to finish the 3-season room. What a difference the new windows have made to the appearance and functionality of the new room! The EZE-Breeze system has made the room practically waterproof, so it has opened new possibilities in decorating for the homeowners. Weather and other concerns, like pollen season, are no longer a worry. The homeowners can be assured that the new furniture, rugs, and pine tongue-and-groove flooring won’t be ruined by a sudden storm, or affected by pollen that is so prevalent in the spring. Knowing a big spring cleaning will no longer be on the to-do list is a big plus and makes the room even more enjoyable. Cushions on the furniture will no longer have to be stored away to prevent them from being ruined in the humid weather, and nicer rugs can be left in place.

The dark stain applied to pine tongue-and-groove looks great – just the right shade to blend with the dark EZE-Breeze framework and just the right amount of warmth to make the room comfortable and inviting. This is not an easy feat, and our flooring guys have once again done a superior job.

Endless Possibilities

The possibilities for this room are endless, and it is now up to the homeowner’s imagination to make the 3-season room even more the room of their dreams.

The room opens to an added Timbertech deck, which is the perfect addition. The outdoor grill is now more convenient to the kitchen. No more going up and down the stairs to access it on the cement driveway below. The deck is also big enough to accommodate outdoor seating. This is a big bonus when you need to be close to the barbecue or just want to sit outside in the sunshine.

To add interest to the deck, we have installed the boards at a different angle, which takes a little more time and expertise, but finishes the deck off nicely.

As we wind our way down the Timbertech stairway with the sleek RadianceRail rails, we notice a smaller landing that serves the dual purpose of breaking up a long staircase as well as providing a safer way to access the backyard. This landing also helps the stairway fit in with its existing environment and provides the perfect spot for growing some herbs or even tomatoes!

We finally get to view the before and after of this 3-season room and deck project in Winston Salem and are confident that we have once again delivered on the homeowners’ wishes.

If you have a project you would like to discuss with us, call us today for a free consultation (336) 664 – 1332, email us. or visit our website

Archadeck of The Piedmont Triad

Greg McNeer
5587-C Garden Village Way
Greensboro, North Carolina 27410

Part 2 – Demolition and Building: Winston-Salem 3-Season Room and New Outdoor Living Space

Plans and approvals for this Winston-Salem 3-season room are in place, and we are ready to tackle the demolition and new footings for the outdoor deck. The tile flooring and backer board are being removed and will be replaced with pine tongue-and-groove planking.

Prying up ceramic tile is a time-consuming process. The thinset subfloor will need to be taken up separately, and a plywood subflooring will need to be installed to support the new pine tongue-and–groove planking.

The screening is taken out as well as the railing along the stairway. For now, the old decking is left in place to allow access to the room above. New support posts will be installed to work with the EZE-Breeze windows, and new Timbertech material will replace the white fascia. The dark brown Timbertech will look great with the deck and railing and will create a more cohesive look than the previously white screened porch.

The new footings have been dug to specifications in preparation for the outdoor living area that will extend from the right side of the 3-season room.
Our experienced builders have a great relationship with many of the city inspectors, who know that Archadeck builders never cut corners and build things right the first time, so passing inspection is rarely a problem.

The support posts and floor joists for the outdoor living space have been secured. Archadeck uses only quality lumber and has made it their mantra to not only meet code standards but to exceed these standards for an extremely solid and long-lasting foundation. Quality of materials and workmanship is never compromised. This philosophy even extends to the smallest of details – like the use of weatherproof screws instead of plastic screws on the hip frame.

Once the supporting structure for the outdoor living space is complete, a new plywood subfloor is put down as a base in the 3-season room. We install the new Azek planking on the deck at a diagonal for an appealing look. The dark brown Kona with its woodgrain texture looks great, so it’s time to start the railing. RadianceRail by Timbertech is installed, chosen for its smooth lines and hidden hardware. It’s no wonder this railing is one of the most popular railings that Timbertech offers! Custom balusters are no problem – Square balusters in black aluminum are custom-drilled, which takes a good deal of patience and perfection to ensure a tight fit. After the railing is complete, the only thing left to do is to install the Endcaps. This detail puts just the right finishing touch on the handsome, sleek Timbertech railing.

With the railing in place, we go ahead and finish up the stairway with the Azek planking while we wait for the EZE-Breeze windows to be delivered. The project has been running smoothly, and we can visualize how everything is starting to come together. We’ll move next week to finishing the tongue-and-groove flooring and installing the EZE-Breeze windows in the 3-season room.

Stay tuned for the finished project…and in the meantime, if you have a project you would like to discuss with us, call us today for a free consultation (336) 664 – 1332, email us. or visit our website

Archadeck of The Piedmont Triad

Greg McNeer
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Part 1–Planning a 3-Season EZE-Breeze Room and Deck in Winston-Salem

When a family in Winston-Salem contacted us about their dreams of turning their screened porch into a 3-season room, we knew we were the perfect fit for their needs.

Quality, a company guarantee, and peace of mind

Quality, a company guarantee, and peace of mind were top of their list.
They also wanted ideas for the new space as well as solutions for fixing past construction issues.

On their wish list were these items:

  • The porch needed to be enjoyed for more than one season.
  • A deck area needed to be added to accommodate outdoor seating as well as the grill.
  • The indoor to outdoor space should flow seamlessly.
    The water damage on the landing caused by faulty gutters needed to be repaired.

  • The materials used needed to be more fade-resistant and durable than the material previously used for the decking and stairway.

In addition to adhering to the wish list, we took “Before pictures,” made detailed notes, and performed a site survey to aid us with concepts and drawings for the new 3-season room and deck. We shared the completed plans with the family for their approval.

Every project begins with a site survey along with pictures showing several views of the property.

Details are Key for Planning the Winston Salem 3-Season Room and Deck

The new plans call for converting the screened porch to an EZE-Breeze room.
The flexibility of EZE Breeze would make the space more livable by eliminating the need for major cleanup during the pollen season and by making their new room rainproof. EZE Breeze windows with their nesting, sliding vents will allow the windows to open with 75% screen, or with vents removed, for 100% screen. Closing the vents completely over the screens yields 100% protection from the elements. Having 100% protection also makes it feasible to replace the tile with beautiful pine tongue-and-groove flooring. The existing porch wall will be removed, and new 6×6 posts installed. Timbertech material will replace edge band fascia for more durability and rot resistance.

The existing white railings, posts, and stairway facings will be replaced with Timbertech in dark brown Kona and matching RadianceRail Railing with black aluminum pickets. The new look will blend with the landscaping and house, and importantly, hide dirt.

The outside of the EZE breeze room will have a larger walkway that will extend to a new deck located outside the dinette area. Planning the deck in this way, will allow the existing structure and joists to be left in place and allow for some cost savings. The weather-beaten and water-damaged landing and stairway will be replaced with the same durable Timbertech decking. Gutters will be reinstalled to remedy the water damage.

Once new plans and approvals are in place, we are ready to send the drawings for the architectural renderings and obtain the necessary permits to build the new 3-season room and deck.

Archadeck’s expertise can transform your underused screened porch into a vibrant 3-season living space. Join us next week as we continue our series on building a 3-season room and outdoor living space in Winston-Salem, NC.

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Archadeck of The Piedmont Triad

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Take a look at this Gorgeous Clemmons, NC TimberTech Deck

Have a dream of the perfect outdoor living space? It was made possible for this Clemmons homeowner with the help of Archadeck of Greensboro, NC. and TimberTech AZEK Decking.

Starting a deck project is always daunting as the blank piece of paper sits in front of you waiting for your deck ideas to emerge. Where do you start? What is your vision? If you could have your dream deck, what characteristics would it have?

We heard these questions from recent homeowners in Clemmons and here is their story.

An Archadeck Design Consultant met with the homeowners in their upscale neighborhood and listened carefully as they described the wants and needs for a new deck and outdoor living space. They wanted the deck to feel like an extension of their contemporary home, and they wanted a semi-private space where they could sit with a cup of coffee in the morning or relax with friends in the evening. The deck also needed to fit in with their existing gardens and landscaping. And, because of their busy schedules, they also desired their new deck be made from low maintenance materials that were long-lasting, yet beautiful with a real-wood grain look.

Discussing Plans

After meeting with the couple, listening to their needs and discussing their dreams, our representative took photos and filled out a site sheet. Plans were then drawn and taken back to the homeowners. Once the plans were approved, the drawings were sent in and blueprints were produced. Details were given on everything from building materials and potential construction issues to the aesthetics of colors and design that would best complement the contemporary design of the house. Contracts were signed, necessary permits were acquired, a time schedule was planned and we got to work on the couple’s new outdoor living dream space.

For the primary materials, it was obvious from the start that Azek’s Timbertech deck planking was the right choice because of its low maintenance, wide array of colors and handsome wood-grain texture. Pacific Teak, with its rich, tan background and dark brown accents was chosen to pull the house and deck together. Azek’s RadianceRail® (in the color Kona) was the railing of choice as its sophistication, smooth lines and hidden hardware not only matched the dark trim of the house but visually its infill balusters would largely disappear into the landscape and surrounding gardens.

Creating the outdoor space presented its own set of challenges.

How do you build a space that is private, does not block the natural light coming into the house and works with the existing roof line to maintain a cohesive look?
After careful consideration, our Design Consultant came up with the perfect solution. To create the outdoor “room”, a pergola was built on one end of the deck and the beams were placed in such a way as to tuck into the existing roofline of the house. Problem solved. Not only do the open rafters allow light, the pergola creates an outside semi-private room which is the ideal spot for entertaining, grilling or just relaxing and enjoying the surrounding gardens.

Because of the attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile, the project was a success and the homeowners got not only the outdoor living space they had been dreaming of, they also received peace of mind that comes from an Archadeck Warranty

Call us today for a free consultation (336) 664 – 1332, email us. or visit our website

Archadeck of The Piedmont Triad

Greg McNeer
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How to Decide Which Outdoor Room is Right for You

Home improvement projects take a lot of consideration. Thinking about how you live, what activities you enjoy and how you will use the potential new space is a great starting point. When it comes to adding outdoor living space to your Winston Salem home we have a few ideas for you to consider:

Winston Salem Sunrooms

Winston Salem sunrooms are incredibly popular because they offer all of the comforts of home with the feeling of being outdoors. They can be a breakfast nook, a family room, the cat’s favorite place to watch birds, or even a place for your plants to bask in the sun. Sunrooms off the kitchen are the ideal place to keep an herb garden going year-round. Modern sunrooms are available with insulation and venting systems that make them comfortable and energy efficient.

Greensboro 3-Season Room

Taking one step back, Archadeck can create a Greensboro 3-season porch for your home. They have a combination of screens and Eze-Breeze windows that allow you to enjoy your new space on all but the bitterest of winter days. When the air is dry and comfortable, drop the windows. When you want a little shelter from rain or wind, put them back up. Eze-Breeze is one of the most versatile products we offer. If you’ve never seen it in action, please ask.

Winston Salem Screened Porch

If you like the idea of a Winston Salem screened porch, we have some great news for you. The quality and durability of the screens that have come on the market in the last several years is truly impressive. They stand up to an awful lot of abuse from children and pets and are easy to care for. In the event that something does go awry, many of the screens we work with are modular and very simple to replace.

Greensboro Covered Porch

If all you want is a little shade from the sun and protection from the rain, an open air porch, also known as a covered porch, could be the right choice for you. It is the most inexpensive of these options and allows you to do your barbecuing outside without purchasing a ventilation hood. Even on stormy days you might find yourself sitting outside enjoying your yard.

Multi-Room Home Addition

Of course, some of our customers combine two or more of these structures together or even pair them with a patio. They can all be used in different configurations with custom amenities to be a pool house, pavilion, gazebo, or even a conservatory. Take a look at some of our photos on Pinterest to inspire you and then give us a call for a free consultation to discuss your project. You’ll be so happy you did.

Call us today for a free consultation (336) 664 – 1332, email at [email protected] or visit our website

Archadeck of The Piedmont Triad

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Gorgeous Pergola Addition in Brookberry Farms, Winston Salem

When it comes to adding structures to your outdoor living area for extra living space, shade or function, the process can be more complex than starting from scratch. With an existing structure to compliment, the choices in materials, colors, design style, shape and size have to be well planned. We recently built a pergola addition for a family in Brookberry Farms in North Winston Salem. This project required specific considerations when designing the custom pergola, which means hiring a great design and build firm was essential in getting the results they were after.

The home featured a lovely two level outdoor living area; a covered porch on the upper level that opened up to a gorgeous half circle open paver patio. The homeowners were spending a ton of time on their covered porch but found that the patio was too hot with no shade. They called us along with several other Winston Salem deck builders to have a design created and quoted.

The Winston Salem pergola we built is the perfect compliment to their existing covered porch. We used square pegs and arched bracing to create the same detail as on their porch posts. With a custom curved shape for the pergola top, we created an interesting shade accessory that plays off the half circle shape of the paver patio below it. The result is a stunning outdoor living space that appears to have all been built at the same time as the existing project. Our design and build team made sure the post placements for the pergola allowed for as big of a living area as possible, while still making the columns so gorgeous they are not just structural but part of the beauty and intrigue themselves. Down to the last detail we made our additions fit right in. Notice the beams of the pergola roof. They stretch out from the covered porch with the exact same spacing as the current beams.

This family wanted to accentuate their existing patio and provide some shade. As a Winston Salem deck builder we made sure to really listen to how they wanted to use the space. We came up with a design that covered almost all of their open patio while complimenting the design features of their covered porch. We can create spaces that exceed your expectations as they turn out better than you even hoped for. That’s the difference you can expect when you hire a custom builder for your outdoor living project.

Winston Salem Outdoor Living Designer

We strive to be the area’s premier top quality reputable custom deck builder, pergola builder and screened-in porch builder. Our top quality craftsmanship exceeds the building codes set by state and local municipalities and our builders are the best of the best. But we know that without a thoughtful early design phase, the quality of the work is irrelevant. If we build a deck when what you really need is a screened-in porch, you won’t use the space. Our experienced designers will listen to your every need, concern and challenge so that we can offer you an outdoor living solution that will allow you to do the most and best outdoor living for your family. We are lucky to call Greensboro, Winston Salem and High Point home, a place where outdoor living is possible for most of the year. Our goal is to make sure all of our customers are able to take full advantage of our temperate climate and keep coming back for future projects. At Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad, we have been blessed with being selected 2, 3 or even 4 times by individual homeowners that continue to add to their outdoor space.
If you are interested in learning about how our quality built structures can transform the look of your home, contact Archadeck of The Piedmont Triad.- Call us today for a free consultation (336) 664 – 1332, or email us at [email protected]

Northwest Greensboro Custom Screened Porch

When designing outdoor living spaces for our Greensboro clients, the custom design depends heavily on the home’s yard size, topography and foliage. We recently worked for a family that was struggling to spend time outside as their existing wood deck was not usable because of the large number of mosquitoes living on their wooded lot. The family was asking for a screened-in porch, but we were able to give them so much more.

We designed a screened-in porch with Eze-Breeze® windows, a shed roof and a new pressure treated wood deck for grilling and outdoor entertaining. The combination of a screened-in porch and deck makes for a stunning large and versatile outdoor living space that can be used most the year.

The translation to a shed roof was part of the magic we’re speaking of. Most porch clients want a gable roof but often a shed roof is required because of second story obstructions such as windows. But, often we propose things like a high shed roof, open shed ends or skylights to bring the bright airiness to the room that they are looking for.

The addition of Eze-Breeze windows to this Greensboro screened-in porch means the family can close the windows completely if the weather is rainy or too cold. With the mild winters in Greensboro, they can use a small space heater and make the room warm enough to use. With gorgeous wood flooring and wood ply-bead ceiling, this bright and airy screened-in porch is warm and inviting. We were even able to install two lighted ceiling fans for increased air flow and four surround sound speakers for the ultimate in entertaining. With no detail left untouched, we made sure to install a ceiling fan with a protected light fixture to prepare for potential game room flying projectiles.

The deck features white vinyl posts, railings and lattice skirting to create a perfect contrast and high style, while matching the white posts of the screened-in porch. With gorgeous square post caps, this deck looks fresh and new. Creating continuity in design is important for creating a polished modern look. We built two free standing benches that fit right into the corners of the deck for maximum seating. Now the grill master can have more company as he works her magic

Being a Greensboro porch builder, we face many challenging yards. When this happens we really take the time to make sure we provide our clients with the best solution for their outdoor living needs. Living on a wooded lot is a dream with privacy and a gorgeous view. The trade off is living with a few extra mosquitoes. While this family knew they wanted a screened-in porch, they may have not fully thought about the benefit of the open deck for grilling and entertaining. We take great pride in being able to offer practical solutions for every outdoor living challenge, exceeding our client’s expectations.

To learn more about low-maintenance outdoor living options, call today for your free design consultation. 336-664-1332

Tale of 3 Greensboro Winston Salem decks and porches

As a custom design and build firm, we get to experience a magical transition with every job we work on. The magic happens when you employ a custom builder who takes pride in translating wants, goals, and dreams to function, beauty and delight. After 26 years of building custom outdoor spaces here in the Piedmont Triad, we’ve had many opportunities to watch homeowner wants and needs translated to the outdoor living space they’ve been dreaming of.

Updating, changing or adding on to your outdoor living space can be a complicated process. There are many options in outdoor living, making it essential to really consider how you’re going to use the space, past challenges you’ve had and specific goals you are trying to meet. Whether you are considering a paver patio, low-maintenance deck, pergola, covered patio or a screened-in porch, we take pride in our ability to help you make the best decision for your family, home and budget. We have chosen 3 recent projects to share with you that represent the magical process from project goals & dreams to a finished functional and beautiful space that exceeded the homeowners’ expectations.

Northwest Greensboro Wood Deck

We recently worked with a Greensboro client who had an old brick patio that needed to be replaced. The home is an older brick ranch and the age of the patio was really showing. Being three steps down from the home, the patio was not draining properly. Also, with constant shade from the lovely mature trees in the yard, the water damage was really wreaking havoc on the once gorgeous brick patio. The homeowners called us to replace the old brick patio with a new paver patio, but we proposed a different solution.

There was a free standing wood deck with a hot tub on it, unattached in the yard. We recommended one large pressure-treated wood deck. First things first, we put a drain in the existing patio, so we could build the new deck right over it and the water would drain properly away from the home. The design was for a single level, large wood deck that would house the hot tub as well as replacing the outdoor living space that had become unusable in recent years.

For easier access and better aesthetics we created a beautiful multi-function outdoor living space on the same level as the home, The final result is a gorgeous pressure-treated wood deck with matching wood posts and railings built around the existing trees. We added a pergola for additional shade and a modern privacy wall for the spa area. With a parting board running down the middle we were able to create a gorgeous chevron look by running the deck boards in a mirroring diagonal pattern. We even built in a bench for additional seating under the pergola.

This Greensboro deck exceeded the family’s expectations as they were able to meet two outdoor living needs with one project. Our goal is to come up with luxurious outdoor living spaces you may not think of that include solutions you didn’t know were possible. When working with the best Greensboro deck builder, you’ll get more than just great craftsmanship, you get a full service design and build firm.

If you are interested in learning about how our quality built structures can transform the look of your home, contact Archadeck of The Piedmont Triad.- Call us today for a free consultation (336) 664 – 1332, or email us at [email protected]

Screen Porch 101 for Non DIYers

Spring has sprung early this year and spring fever is rampant and the desire to be outside and enjoying the gorgeous weather fills your mind. How great to open your back door and step out into your. . . yard? Just a minute your vision included a spacious outdoor room that was enclosed from the elements and bugs, filled with comfy furniture to relax on and entertain your friends. You are no diyer plus you have no time to binge watch HGTV, become a diyer and plan, design and build your dream screen porch.

A light bulb goes off in your brain and you pull out your phone and search for local builders who specialize in outdoor spaces. One name stands out many times, with glowing testimonials, pictures of stunning outdoor projects. You see many great looking screen porches and it is so easy all you do is just fill out a simple form, hit send or if you are really ready for that porch, you punch in the telephone number on their website and connect with a friendly knowledgeable person who starts helping make your dream a reality.

Often times, and for many reasons, it just makes good sense to hire a professional contractor to build a screened porch. We recommend you find a reputable contractor who specializes in screen porch design and construction if you want a custom-designed structure.

If you are interested in learning more about our screened porches, three and four season rooms including our Eze-Breeze enclosures, please contact Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad today. Call us for a free consultation (336) 664 -1332 or email us at [email protected] Also please visit us at piedmont-triad.archadeck.com.

March Madness: Now is the Time to Get On the Schedule

In the Piedmont Triad like the rest of our great state we have experienced little or no winter and now spring is coming in like the proverbial March lion. One of the things that’s tough for me as a contractor is to tell our new clients is they will have to wait for their project to begin. The wait is partly because any good builder will always have a backlog of projects and a waiting list. In fact, if the contractor can start tomorrow or even next week, be very wary. There’s likely a reason why a contractor isn’t busy. Please be cautioned about that. In addition, there are steps in the building process that are required and just involve time.

Here is a breakdown of some of the things that have to occur before your project construction can begin:

  • Project Consultation
  • Proposal
  • Design drawings
  • Permits
  • Working with your HOA

Perhaps you have a special event coming up like a graduation party or a wedding and you would like your project completed by a definite date. You contact Archadeck on the 1st of the month. We quickly get back to you and set up an in-person meeting where we discuss your desires, talk about some possibilities and measure/photograph the outdoor space. We return to the office and create designs and a proposal for your project. We present it to you and secure your approval. If we line up meetings expeditiously and there are no changes to the proposal, this part alone could easily take 2-3 weeks. After you make the decision to move forward, we create the detailed specifications, architectural plans and custom drawings for your project. Our national team ensures these plans fit our rigorous requirements for exceeding all local code. This step also depends on the complexity of your project. The more elements involved in a project like roofing, electrical, plumbing, etc. involve more planning. Next we work on the permits. Since now we are working with the local government building offices this might take anywhere from 5-20 business days. Next we work with the HOA for approval if necessary. Phew makes me tired just writing about the process.

A lot of the things above can be done in conjunction with each other but if you add it all up, you might be looking at 8-10 weeks on average or 2-3 months between time you call and the time your construction starts. Again, if a builder tells you any of these steps are not necessary, please beware.

Are you thinking about adding a deck, porch, patio or other outdoor living space to your home this coming spring? Please give us a call now. It’s never too early to start planning. Don’t get caught in March Madness! Ensure your project is done when you want it to be this coming spring or summer. Give us a call for a free consultation or to start the dialogue for your new outdoor living project.

Call us today at (336) 664-1332 or email us at [email protected] and visit our website to learn more about what can do for you!

A Piece of Swiss Art in Piedmont Triad

The heart wants what the heart wants, they say. For one family in New Irving Park, Valentine’s Day came a little early this year. They had their hearts set on a Greensboro porch to replace an existing deck. They spoke with multiple contractors and remodelers who told them that their only option was a shed roof because of the existing roof line of their home. Archadeck was able to go the extra mile to create the outdoor living space they had been longing for: one that was light and airy, as well as stylish and distinctively their own.

The inspiration, in part, came from the sweeping lines and exposed beams that are typical of Alpine ski chalets. We built a gable roof open porch with tongue-and-groove stained wood across the ceiling and flanking both sides of the chimney. The arches and beams look like they could be purely decorative, but they are integral to the roof’s support structure. They frame the view from the porch in a way that encourages you to breath deeply and relax.

The braces on the fireplace also appear to be ornamental. Instead of trying to hide them, we made them consistent with the style of the rest of the project. They bear their portion of the roof’s weight while continuing the visual rustic beam theme of the rest of the porch. Recessed can lighting and a ceiling fan with its accompanying lamp provide any light not delivered by the sun filtering through the open gable.

We did the trim work in an off-white to make the porch’s accents consistent with the rest of the home. We also refurbished the railings and added aluminum spindles as part of the project. You can barely see them and they are low maintenance. We installed gutters along the roof line at either side that lead to downspouts that will funnel rain to the area beneath. This gorgeous porch will be enjoyable in all but the most violent of storms.

If you are interested in learning about how our quality built structures can transform the look of your home, contact triad.archadeck.com"Archadeck of The Piedmont Triad.":http://piedmont- Call us today for a free consultation (336) 664 – 1332, [email protected]

Upgrade from Deck to Screened Porch

Imagine that you spent thousands of dollars just a few years ago to build yourself a brand new deck. It’s a beautiful Piedmont Triad deck; there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, but you have changed your mind and decided that you made a mistake. You really should have purchased a screened porch. Uh oh.

Wait! This doesn’t have to be a story with an unhappy ending. You might think that you either have to live with the unsatisfying deck or tear the whole thing out and start from scratch. Those are certainly both options, but we recently completed a project that is proof that there is a third, better opportunity that will get you the Greensboro porch you want without sacrificing the deck investment you have already made.

Take a look at the gorgeous windows on this new screened porch: they look like they belong in a European cathedral. This particular home has a complicated roof situation and the best fit that we could design in keeping with the existing style and structure was a hip roof with a steep pitch. The payoff is this dramatic view of yard and sky. The new exterior lines of the home are no less impressive and the profile catches the eye of everyone who drives by this corner lot.

Although the high ceilings and the windows really steal the show, the best part of this porch may be found below your feet. We were able to build the porch using the existing floor of the deck. Part of the deck is now inside and part of it is outside. None of it went to waste. The screen door from the porch leads out to the remaining part of the original deck.

The high ceilings give the porch a roomier feeling than its footprint might suggest. The ceiling fan and beige beaded vinyl ceiling keep it from looking excessively high. The beige will also do a better job of hiding dirt and cobwebs than the white that many people choose. This combination of shaded and open spaces will serve this family beautifully for many years to come with absolutely no regrets.

If you are interested in learning more about our screened porches, three and four season rooms including our Eze-Breeze enclosures, please contact Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad today. Call us for a free consultation (336) 664 -1332 or email us at [email protected] Also please visit us at piedmont-triad.archadeck.com.

Are you a good candidate for redecking?

The first step in determining if your aging deck is a good candidate for redecking is to have it evaluated by a reputable deck builder or Piedmont Triad contractor. If the substructure, the base that the deck is built on, is in good shape, you may be able to save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars by redecking instead of demolishing your old deck and starting from scratch. The key elements the builder will look at will be the quality of the original substructure build and how it has weathered over time. If any applicable building codes have changed since the deck was originally installed, he will make sure it complies with those as well.

After that initial look, there should be a detailed discussion about what you want out of your new deck. If you are hoping to replace pressure treated pine planks with a quality synthetic product like AZEK or TimberTech there are specific joist spacing requirements that must be met. Composites are heavier and need a little more structural support. In return, they offer tremendous value in terms of longevity and ease of maintenance.

One common misconception about composite decks is that they need to be built on composite bases. That’s not true. We build all our Greensboro deck substructures with pressure treated pine and then overlay that with your decking of choice. This is industry-standard practice and gives you lots of flexibility, in addition to cost savings. You invest in the parts of the deck that you see and are most vulnerable to the elements: decking, railings, and skirting.

Archadeck can also do combination jobs where we expand a smaller deck by redecking the original space and building out from there. Then you don’t have to pay for a whole new foundation, just the incremental extension. From that point the world is your oyster and you can pick the colors, features, and design options that best suit your family’s needs. Many of our clients choose composites for their redecking jobs because they grew tired of routine deck maintenance chores long ago. Synthetics like AZEK change your Winston Salem deck from a chore to tackle, to a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

If you are interested in learning about how our quality built structures can transform the look of your home, contact Archadeck of The Piedmont Triad. Call us today for a free consultation (336) 664 – 1332 or email us at [email protected]

Maintenance Free Outdoor Living in Greensboro: Truth or Legend?

I am sorry to have to break this myth. What homeowners wouldn’t love a completely care free outdoor lifestyle. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. The good news is, there are decking and other building materials available that do not require staining or sealing or even power washing. These products simply need occasional cleaning to wipe up anything that falls on, leaks on or splashes on them. Synthetic decking, railings, trim & porch materials are perfect for a worry-free investment.

Are you willing to perform maintenance on your deck or porch annually? If your schedule doesn’t permit, or you just don’t want to do it, low-maintenance materials are for you. Few people want to spend a weekend sanding, staining or sealing their deck when the weather is telling them it’s time to go golfing or drive out to the beach. With AZEK and other synthetic decking brands you can enjoy the beauty of your deck with relatively little work.

Should a spill occur or leaves sit on the decking for a time, a quick spray with the hose might be in order to keep it looking nice. Whiffle balls, furniture and other kid’s toys won’t hurt a thing with the durability of synthetic decking materials. You’ll never have to worry about splitting or cracking or weather damage. No staining. No sealing. No worries. On the off chance a stray hammer, chisel, axe or other sharp tool has a run in with your decking, a repair might be in order.

Your low-maintenance deck will not be very low-maintenance if you have to stain & seal railings or posts. Low-maintenance materials are available for railings, post covers and other areas around your deck or porch. Now you can build your porch or deck with wood columns and wrap them with low maintenance materials for a gorgeous look. With so many options for low-maintenance outdoor living, you won’t have to worry about your railings, posts, columns or decking.

In addition to the low-maintenance products provided by companies like AZEK, Trex, Eze-Breeze & Deckorators – you also gain additional protection from amazing manufacturer warranties. Low-maintenance decking provides a 25 year fade & stain warranty. Eze-Breeze safeguards your investment with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. While Dekorators provides a 15-Year limited warranty. All of this, plus Archadeck’s 1 year workmanship warranty & 5 year structural integrity warranty means you won’t have a thing to worry about.

To learn more about low-maintenance outdoor living options, call today for your free design consultation. 336-664-1332

Read more about warranties on the top brand building materials we use:

Winter is the best time to build your new Greensboro-area porch or deck if you want to have it ready for use by early Spring

Build your Greensboro porch or deck this winter! If building a new deck or porch is not on your to-do list this winter, it might be time to add it. There are many benefits of not waiting until spring. Timing, timing & timing are the top 3 reasons for going against the grain and thinking about outdoor living now. Avoid the busy season, get this year’s pricing & have your deck or porch complete for that first burst of lovely spring weather.

Shorten Project Time

Our busiest times of year are spring, summer & fall. Quite understandably, it takes the first couple of nice spring days to get everyone thinking about outdoor living. While we can’t fault anyone for that, we can certainly help remind you before then that our common love of spring adds up to a very busy time for Archadeck. To build your deck with as short of a timeline as possible, winter is perfect for avoiding backlogged construction schedules and quite simple get ‘er done.

Good Timing = Cost Savings

Like many products, building materials face price increases each year. Building a deck or porch requires a large quantity of wood or composite decking. A seemingly small price increase can add up to quite a jump in cost for an entire project. For significant savings, commission your project before the end of the year to get this year’s pricing for your January project.

Time To Get Outside

If you want your deck completed for the first taste of divine spring weather, you need to start the process today. Designing your perfect custom space will take some time and with permits & inspections, the process can take a few months. With gorgeous spring days dropping in on us as early as the end of February, now is the time to get the ball rolling on your Greensboro outdoor living space.

If you’re ready to have a new outdoor living space by the spring arrives, call today 336-664-1332 or email us at [email protected]archadeck.net

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